Osteoporosis Treatment in Tampa Bay Area

We offer an array of on-site services including

Laboratory Testing

Bay Area Arthritis and Osteoporosis offers on-site blood draw services and laboratory testing for diagnostic purposes and medication monitoring.


Radiology is a very integral part of Rheumatology practice to allow for more accurate diagnosis; therefore, we offer on-site x-ray testing using the latest technology in digital radiography with a Fuji XC-2 CR scanner.

Bone Density Testing

Approximately 50% of women and 25% of men will experience an osteoporotic related fracture in their lifetime. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), 44 million Americans have low bone mass and are threatened by osteoporosis. Osteoporosis leads to more than 2 million fractures in the United States alone.

The NOF updated 2008 guidelines advise clinicians to use FRAX scoring to assess fracture risk and need for treatment. We are pleased to offer on-site bone density (DXA) scans using GE Lunar Prodigy technology which automatically calculates this FRAX score to help us guide treatment decisions. All clinical staff members have attended the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) Certification Course.

Joint Ultrasound

In recent years, musculoskeletal ultrasound has become an important technology to detect arthritis changes sometimes much earlier than x-rays and at a fraction of the cost of MRI. Some studies indicate that almost 25% of traditional joint injections may not adequately reach intended location. Using GE LOGIC-e Ultrasound technology, we offer the latest in musculoskeletal assessment.

This enables us to more accurately evaluate joints for arthritis changes and assist with injections and aspirations for better precision. Dr. Joshi and Katrina are members of the American Institute of Ultrasound (AIUM) in Medicine and received training in musculoskeletal ultrasound at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY.

Knee Vicosupplements

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis and the most common joint condition worldwide. In the U.S. alone, more than 21 million people suffer from OA, and more than 14 million of those are estimated to have OA in one or both knees. A healthy knee’s cartilage and joint fluid normally protects, lubricates, and cushion the bones, making moving and bending easy. However, in knees with OA, the cartilage protecting the ends of the bones gradually deteriorates, and the joint fluid, called synovial fluid, loses its shock-absorbing qualities.

Bones begin rub against each other, causing pain, stiffness and loss of movement in the joint. Viscosupplements, such as Synvisc and Euflexxa, are injectable treatments that offer a non-surgical option to treat knee osteoarthritis. We offer both Synvisc and Euflexxa injections in the office and we administer these medications using ultrasound guidance for more precise injection technique.

Infusion Services

In recent years, injectable arthritis treatments have revolutionized the way autoimmune conditions and osteoporosis are treated. We offer various infusion treatments including: Remicade, Orencia, Actemra, Krystexxa, Benlysta, and Rituxan.

Wellness Program

Maintaining a healthy body weight and optimal nutrition is critical for patients with arthritis and autoimmune disease. It is calculated that for every one pound gained, four pounds of force is placed on the joints. In our modern, faced-paced society, the average person’s diet consists mostly of processed foods and their lifestyle is sedentary.

This promotes weight gain and increased inflammation in the body also increases a person’s future risk for arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. We are pleased to offer a holistic approach to our medical care by offering customized nutritional assessment and counseling. We utilize the latest technology including: Spectracell micronutrient testing and body composition test using GE Lunar Prodigy.