Testimonials Rheumatology


Mike Foley

Very pleased with all aspects of care given here. Tatiana sees me for most visits, and is always thorough and explains the treatment options. Am given a monthly infusion, and the tech is also very competent. Appreciate them having the option of having blood work drawn there.

Carmen Perez

I have been patient of Katrina Kemp, PA for more than a year and evaluated for the first time by Dr.Joshi in 2011. Ms. Kemp is a knowledgeable provider and has exceptional professional manners. The administrative /office staff is very helpful and available to answer any question. The RN/Infusion nurse is an outstanding professional. The office is clean and nice. I will recommend this office services to a friend and or family member.

Destinee Harrison

Staff very friendly. Dr's very attuned to your symptoms.. Explaining things so you understand.

Jan Steppy

The medical staff is great, but the admin part is not well run. If you use the in-office lab, there is a charge, and they don’t accept credit cards or checks. Several times I have come for an appointment around October and have been told that I will have to call back for a follow up appointment the next year when “the books are open”. My other doctors go out of their way to make their services easy for patients.

Freda Grande

Dr. Joshi and his staff was amazing. They came back from lunch early to make sure I could complete my lab work and x-rays.

Thalia Dinzeo

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Joshi for almost 12 years now. I was diagnosed with Lupus. I am currently seen Dr. Riley. I love this office! I love the staff! Everyone is super helpful. Any questions I may have are always answered. I never feel rushed and I’m always comfortable. I get all my lab work done here as well as any XRays I may need... this is super convenient! Office is always clean and neat. My infusion nurse is outstanding and always makes my infusions go by fast. I feel blessed to have found such an amazing team to trust with my health needs.

Sharon Nandor

The staff is awesome! They have bent over backwards to accommodate me. I would recommend them to anyone.

LaToya Wood

Friendly staff and understanding as well. Dr. Joshi is detailed with procedures, recommendations, and next step processes as well.

Jane Gabbett

My husband is a patient of Dr. Joshi's. He usually sees PA Katrina Kemp. She is an absolute inspiration to us every time we have had the pleasure of seeing her for follow up treatment. Her knowledge is excellent and she makes certain you are comfortable with her treatment plan as well as explaining it thoroughly.

Her enthusium is contagious and rare in the Bay area. Katrina Kemp is genuinely happy for my husband's progress and goes out of her way to express it and explain why. I would highly recommend this practice and my husband is very motivated by her to progress further! You DO see positive results by her treatment plans and again, she generates enthusiasm in the patient and family!

Mark Hutchinson

Dr. Joshi, Tatianna and Staff were Great! They were thorough, professional and kind!

Rhonda Youmans

I've been a patient at Dr. Joshi's office since about 2003. I think he's an amazing doctor. Katrina Kemp, his PA is the best PA I've ever seen. She's knowledgeable, empathetic, compassionate and a wizard diagnostician. She listens and thinks about what you say and finds a solution. She knows much about many, many things.

The office staff is great--despite some other reviews I've read. They are considerate and kind. Certainly, they have rules that must be followed to keep the office running efficiently. They have to be firm to protect the integrity of all staff.

I would recommend this doctor and PA to anyone, anytime.

John D

Dr Joshi and His Staff are the finest most thorough Health Care Providers that I have ever dealt with. I was feeling extremely ill for years, from Doc to Doc, no answers. Then I finally picked the right Doctor. I have been diagnosed and treated for a number of years now. Every day is not perfect, but much more tolerable since I met Dr Joshi, Ms Katrina Kemp PA., her assistant, Lucy and the rest of the incredible staff at this office. Do not hesitate to put your trust in this Practice.

Scott Thompson

This office helped me feel myself once again. I have had only good experiences here with the doctor's and staff. I would recommend this office to anyone whom needs a rheumatologist. I was pleased to find out they do all tests there so I did not have to wait some where else.

Amy Garcia

I have been with this doctor for about eight years now. I love his PA Katrina Kemp, she is amazing!!!! very good and caring, she is the best. I changed isnurace company and paid from my pocket to see them, that's how great they are and how much I love them. the staff is great as well, very respectful and helpful!!!

Charles Langdon

Dr Joshi discovered my PMR and subscribed treatment and I am able to function again.

The doctor and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to assist patients

Douglas Rich

Very happy with Dr. Joshi and his team. I have seen Dr. Joshi for over ten years and he is very thorough and knowledgeable. He takes his time and LISTENS to your concerns. I would highly recommend him.

Joe Fabel

I too feel that Dr Joshi and Dr. Kemp are two of the best Rheumatologists in the industry. The individual care they both give and you can tell they honestly have your best interest in mind. Office staff has greatly improved in all aspects. Huge help with the auto check in.